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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jeremiah Wright Preaches on Love and Tolerance

Advance copy of Jeremiah Wright sermon for January 16, 2011:

Brothers and sisters, as we gather here today, we must consider the cancer of hatred that consumes this country, we must face the cancer of hatred that consumes this country and we must defeat the cancer of hatred that eats away at this country!  Now, you may be asking yourselves, how can we defeat the hatred that is festering like an infected boil stuck on the end of your nose?  There is only one way, my brothers and sisters, that we can defeat hatred, and that is with MORE HATRED!  That's right, you heard me, we have got to OUT-HATE THE HATERS!

Sometimes a fire gets out of control, and it burns and burns and burns up everything, just like that cow of Mrs. O'Leary's that burned down this fine city that one time (and you KNOW that them O'Learys were white folks!) and it gets so bad there is only one way to fight it:  You have to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!  Hear me, my brothers and sisters!  You cannot overcome evil with good, you have to overcome evil with even stronger evil!  That's in the Bible!  Don't bother looking, I already looked it up for you, just give me an AMEN!  Can I get an AMEN!

Okay, here's how it is.  Out there we got the Tea-Baggers, we got Sarah Palin, we got Rush Limbaugh, we got Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Fox News and a whole new bunch of white devils who even have a couple of Uncle Toms taking Congress away from our beloved Democrat Party!  And how did they do it?  Through HATE, that's how.  They're hate is killing people in Arizona.  It's killing people in Afghanistan.  It's killing people in Iraq.  It's killing people in North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Lybia, Venezuela and Russia!  And if we don't get our own hate on, it's going to kill us too!  We have got to have a stronger HATE than their hate.  We have to get rid of this foolish notion of loving our enemies.  We have got to HATE our enemies, because their chickens are coming home to roost!  AMEN and AMEN!  And we have got to take those chickens by the feet and beat those white devils and ofays to death with them!

Brothers and sisters, I have seen the face of SATAN!  It's true, it's true!  Satan don't live in no Hell no more, she got OUT and she is up here!  She runs all around Alaska and kills caribous and mooses and what-not and eats them up right there!  What kind of craziness is that?  How can our Brother the President, our dear Brother and My Very Own Son in Our Gospel, expect to overcome a She-Devil Satan who kills Grizzly Bears and Eats Them in Alaska?  Only with HATE, that's how!

Why did this crazy killer kill all those folks in Arizona?  Because the She-Devil known as Palin taught him to hate, that's why!  Well, we have got to hate back even more!  Hate your enemies!  Punish your enemies!  Get in their faces and bring a gun to the fight!  We know about the Chicago Way!  Can I get an AMEN!

So brothers and sisters, I ask you, is your hate strong enough?  Can you hate the blue-eyed devils in all their forms and guises?  Not just the crazy looking ones like Palin, but the nice looking ones too?  Can you hate even the little blue-eyed children?  Because that's what we have to do, that's in the Bible, can I get an AMEN for our HATE!

So in closing, my brothers and sisters, we can only overcome evil with even stronger evil, we must HATE our enemies, we must persecute those who would persecute us, we must revile those who would revile us, we must slander and defame those who would withstand us!  We must take two eyes for every eye they take from us!  We must do unto them before they get the chance to do unto us!  THAT'S IN THE BIBLE!  CAN I GET AN AMEN!  The time is not only past to try to love our enemies, that time was never here!  Don't believe what you read in some honkey's so-called Bible.  Don't read it if it was translated by a blue-eyed devil!  Don't believe it if it's some perversion pawned off on us by some ofay King of England!  No, we got our own scriptures, and in MY Bible I read all these things.  Don't ask me just yet who gave me this version, we'll talk about that later.  Just read it and believe it!  AND HATE ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOU, BECAUSE THEIR CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST!

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