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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charlie Rangel addresses ethics violation conviction

From the desk of Charlie Rangel:

Dear Fellow Congresspeople,

I am here today to tell you that I deplore the ridiculous and unconstitutional actions taken against me by the highly partisan and Republican-dominated ethics committee.  In finding me guilty of these eleven charges, this committee has violated every rule of fair justice known to man.  I find it unbelievable that this great body would sit idly by while my name is slandered in this malicious fashion, and so have chosen to take this opportunity to address the charges made against me. 

First of all, let me talk to you about that little villa in the Dominican Republic.  So I forgot to file my rental income from that little place on my tax return.  Can you really expect me to keep up with every little detail like that?  I have more important things to worry about, like writing the tax code for the IRS.  Sure, I chair the committee that wrote this law, but why do you think that means I know what's in it?  We all pass laws here every day that have mountains of stuff we don't know about.  It's like Speaker Pelosi said about our health care bill, you have to pass it to know what's in it. 

I would further like to point out that I was not even in the room when this verdict was handed down!  Now tell me, how can that be justice?  If the defendant leaves in a fit, you must acquit!  Look here, if that bunch of Republicans was willing to convict me without even saying it to my face, then how can you take this verdict seriously?  I ask you, my fellow congresspeople, have you no shame?  On top of that, I was denied my constitutional right to legal representation in this so-called hearing.  I tell you, lack of representation is as bad as segregation!  If an African-American Congressman like me is denied representation, there is no justice in this nation!  On the other hand, I do have a nice condo for rent if you need a vacation.

Now you need to understand this also, my fellow congresspeople.  If this can happen to me, then it can happen to any of you.  I have served in this fine body for forty years, I have championed all the great causes of our time, I have stood for truth, justice and freedom!  And what do I get?  Convicted for failure to report income!  I tell you this, you could all face trials for your income, and then some!  Do you hear where I'm coming from?

And tell me this, if you would please, would this happen if I were white?  No, and I can wrap that case up tight.  I forgot a few hundred thousand on my tax return, while Barney Frank over there let his lover boy run a brothel in the basement!  Have we forgotten Gingrich, and not seen how he got rich?  I look on both sides of the aisle, and see you folks have forgotten I've been here quite a while.  I know about the secrets you keep, and where your teen-age honeys sleep.  I know about the bribes you've been taking and the deals you've been making, and here you want to put it all off on me!  Well not this time, folks.  If you want to convict me you can, but at the end of the day I'll still be the man.

So you think the threat of censure will bring any pressure?  Try this one out, plenty of fine folks will shout, "no justice, no peace" when you vote against me.  I see Pelosi and the Democrat caucus have turned out to be just like the Republican circus.  It's all the same to all of them, just let the Brother go down, they won't miss him.  Well I've got news, you can try all your spin, but when it comes to D.C. mine's a pretty small sin.  I was a soldier before most of you folks were born, and from this seat I will never be torn.  I know how to fight all through the night, and when I get done you'll see I have won!

Do you really think this was settled in your little committee?  My ring is the street, and my people you'll meet!  I fought for our rights against Nixon and Reagan and Bush and even Clinton, presidents all; they're all gone and I still stand tall.  So if you think I can be pushed aside, you've mistaken the scope of this tide!  The Congressional Black Caucus knows that you need us, so open your ears up and listen to heed us.  I've stood by your side all through the years, given my heart, my soul and my tears.  You don't dare expel me, you know it is true, and if you try then this day you will rue. 

Fellow Congresspeople, that wraps it up.  I may have made a few errors on my taxes, but I know how many of you have done worse, and if I talk your career's in a hearse.  So go ahead with your vote now but just remember, the old lion always laughs last in December. 

Your fellow Congressman,

The HONORABLE Charlie Rangel

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