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Monday, November 15, 2010

California Supreme Court says yes to in state tuition for Illegals

From the desk of Justice Ming W. Chin:

To:  All California State and Local Government Personnel:

I am issuing this statement in order to clarify the Court's position following the questions many of you have raised about our ruling upholding the right of illegal immigrants to attend California State Universities at the lower tuition rate charged to in-state students.  First of all, please be aware that any student who graduates from a California high school may benefit from the lower tuition rate in question.  Thus, if a student who is a resident of Arkansas, Minnesota, Florida, New York or Oregon, for example, attends four years of high school in California and receives a diploma from a California high school, then that student is automatically eligible for in-state tuition.   I am sure this will come as a great relief to the many high school students we have who are residents of Arkansas, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon and the other states of the Union. 

Naturally, there are many results that will flow from this decision.  First of all, legal or illegal status should not be used to determine eligibility for employment in the state of California.  It would, obviously, be ridiculous to grant a student in-state tuition, then deny that same student employment with the state upon graduation.  In a time when the state of California needs all the college-trained professionals possible working in the public sector, it is imperative that we remove any impediments to the employment of qualified personnel.

Thus, the California State Government is instructed to immediately remove any obstacles allowing illegals to serve in positions such as police officers, fire fighters, school teachers, medical marijuana dispensers, and, most importantly, election officials.  Furthermore, it is the finding of this court that in the past illegal aliens have been discriminated against as a group, and as a result are to be afforded the full benefits of affirmative action in hiring decisions made for these positions.

It is also the finding of this court that a stubborn insistence on the usage of English as requirement for either education or employment is discriminatory, and therefore illegal.  Hence, all university classes must now be offered in the native tongue of the students enrolled in those classes.  Please be aware that there are NO exceptions for this rule.  If the class is made up of students with multiple language backgrounds, then the class will be presented in Spanish, as it is our Spanish-speaking population which has suffered the greatest negative effects of discrimination in this matter.  Please be aware that failure to adhere to this ruling will constitute a Grade B felony for racial discrimination, which also counts as a crime of violence when considering terms of sentence. 

It is the further finding of this court that not all illegal immigrants may benefit from this ruling.  Specifically, it is the Hispanic population of this state which has labored so long under the lash of racial discrimination, therefore it is the Hispanic population which must be afforded the greatest benefits of this ruling.  Additionally, concerning the large numbers of illegal immigrants we have received recently from Greece, Ireland and several other European countries, the ruling of this court is that illegals of European descent should receive NO benefits from this policy, and should, in point of fact, be expelled from the state post haste. 

The court will also take this opportunity to issue an injunction against the governor and state legislature of California prohibiting any rate increase in university tuition.  It is the duty of the state to provide an education, and in today's world that means a university education.  Hence the State of California is enjoined to not only refrain from increasing tuition, but is ordered to reduce university tuition by the same amount as it is to reduce green house gasses over the next two decades.  It is the firm belief of this court that so doing will actually increase state revenues as the number of university trained professionals introduced into our work force grows exponentially through the implementation of this ruling. 

I hope this clears things up for everyone.


California State Supreme Court Justice Ming W. Chin

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