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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Letter from Barney Frank

Fwom de dethk of Congwethpushson Bahney Fwank:

Deah Votuh,

Thome of you theem to be having twouble undustandin' what ah am sayin' here. Thith ith a cwucial ewection yeah foh ouwr gweat nation. It ith cwucial foh dis gweat nation and thith gweat thtate that you, the people of Mathachuthets, due your duty and give me youh vote foh dis ewection.

Pleathe twy and wrap youhr feeble wittle minds awound dis: My ewection ith what keepth thith gweat thtate goin'! If ah don't get my ewection fwom de people of dis gweat thtate evewy two yeahs, den you will lothe all de wonduful pohrk ah can bwing home foh you!

Dis siwwy wittle tea-bagguh wanna-be keeps talkin' about Fannie-dis and Fweddie-dat. He wanths you to think the Bush economy ith all MY fault! Well, I will tewl you somethin'. I know more about tea-baggin' den he eveh will, and he bettuh not twy bwamin' me foh de Bush economy! I am de oppothite of Bush! I would nevuh vote foh de siwwy tax cuts that ruined our economy! And Fanny and Fweddie would have been jutht fine if we had ewected dat wonduhful Albut Gore in 2000!

So wemebuh, my ewection is in youhr handth! The people of dis gweat state mutht handle dis ewection wif gweat care! My gweat ewection is de motht impohtant thing goin' on in dis gweat countwy! If I don't get my ewection, why de whole Congwess will faww apaht! So wemebeh, take care of Bahney Fwank's we-ewection dis Novembuh!


Congwesspuhson Bahney Fwank

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