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Friday, October 8, 2010

Michael Steele on 2010 elections

From the desk of Michael Steele:

Dear Fellow Republicans,

While I was reading my morning copy of the Washington Post the other day (a fine paper, which I find second only to the New York Times) it came to my attention that many public opinion polls are finding our Grand Old Party with a significant lead in generic polling. While this may initially seem gratifying, I believe we should at the situation with a gimlet eye.

First of all, are we really ready to rule? After all, many of our finest eldest statespersons (can't leave out Lisa!) will no longer be with us. Without Senators Murkowski or Bennet, or the fine governorship of Charlie Crist, or the congressional leadership of Mike Castle I truly doubt the Republicans are ready to govern this fine nation.

My next point of concern is this overly-rowdy Tea Party movement. While I am gratified to see that they are currently voting for Republican candidates, I am concerned over their romantic notions of actually being able to choose those candidates themselves. We here at the RNC have spent years in the system, paying our dues to advance through the party. We have spent large sums of money to locate and recruit fine, upstanding legislators of moderate demeanor, who will be non-threatening to the voting public. To have these Tea Partiers reject our choices through this ridiculous primary system is, quite frankly, a bit tedious and offensive. These people have quite simply got to learn their place. Still, I suppose that can wait until after the election.

Now as to this matter of a possible majority in Congress and the Senate, I must caution you not to become to optimistic. This wild-eyed exuberance we have been seeing of late is quite simply unbecoming. We are Republicans, after all. We have an image to maintain. This notion of "fighting" for a win is simply to "street" for us, if you know what I mean. We need to remember, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. And we here at the RNC know all about playing the game.


RNC Chairman Michael Steele

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