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Friday, October 15, 2010

Michael Steele views the pre-election landscape

From the Desk of NRC Chairman Michael Steele:

My Fellow Republicans,

While I appreciate the exuberance and enthusiasm that so many of you are showing prior to this election, it behooves me to warn you that we must, in the parlance of the street, "keep our cool". Many of our current partisans are, quite frankly, becoming just a wee bit too rowdy for the good of our movement as a whole. We need to reign some of this irrational exuberance in before it has a chance to do our Grand Old Party permanent harm.

First of all, let's take a look at things on the Senate side. We are in serious danger of losing our majority here. No, I realize we do not have an actual majority in the full Senate. I am speaking of the moderate majority in the Republican caucus. This fine, moderate majority has allowed us to peacefully co-exist with our good friends across the aisle for many years. As a result of this we are able to maintain a fine list of friends who entertain us at many swank cocktail parties. Now these dreadful Tea Party folks have come along, and insisted on running their own candidate, such as Rubio, Miller, Angle, Paul, O'Donnell and so forth. It's simply maddening! Can you imagine if these people actually win? Think about it. Our days of friendly, peaceful co-existence may well be over. These folks could give that maniac Demint enough votes to be majority leader!

Fortunately, I have been in contact with some of my operatives within the National Republican Senatorial Committee. They assure me they are doing the utmost to make sure the worst case scenario involving these candidates (they all win their elections) does not happen. Unfortunately, they tell me there is only so much they can do. Apparently many of our donors are ignoring their obligation to send their money in to the G.O.P. headquarters for proper dissemination, and are instead donating directly to certain Tea Party candidates. The gall of those people! Don't they realize we have spent years recruiting the very best and brightest away from the Democrats? And now they have the nerve to think they can do better and choose their own candidates! My friends, what are we coming to?

I must point out that the problem may be even more dire on the House side, which is both more volatile and more difficult to control than even the mess we have in the Senate. There are so many of these Tea Party flooding in we cannot keep track of them. How can we make sure that they are taught the importance of proper Washington etiquette if so many of them arrive here so quickly? How can we make sure that their naive beliefs about the Constitution do not upset our fine applecart here in D.C.? Quite frankly, I fear these people may be nothing but a bunch of rabble-rousing boat rockers. I fear for the seats of many of our long-time friends across the aisle. I fear for our exemplary tradition of bi-partisanship. In short, I fear that we moderates may well be losing control of the party. And who knows where that could lead? I would exhort you to go out and fight the Tea Party, but of course fighting just isn't our thing. So instead we will continue to withhold what little funding we still have control over from their campaigns and criticize their candidates on national news shows. I really don't know what else I can be expected to do as party chair.


RNC Chairman Michael Steele

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